Urša Lenarčič

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I decided to start Freestyler 60 Day rehab program because of my knee injury that started 3 years ago and never completely healed. Knee pain and swelling started suddenly after doing squats and launches with weights. Especially the left knee was a problem. I couldn't run, walking down the stairs was a problem for my left knee and going up the hill for an hour caused pain just after cool down.

Every day I finished 1 Freestyler set of exercises and after that I did the extra rehab and extra stretching exercises. At starters some exercises such as step aside and leg rotation were a problem for me and I had to stop before finishing. After the first set of exercise (Day 1) I was at first worried about how much knees are going to hurt in the evening after cool down. But they didn't. I think it was because of slow movements that could always be controlled so that knees couldn’t slip. Also stretching was important so that the muscles relaxed and there was no pain afterwards. Extra rehab exercises strengthen muscles around the knee and enabled me to complete all exercises faster during Freestyler 60 Day program.

So after some time knees became more stable. I could do every Freestyler exercise without previous reservation. I also replaced Freestyler elastics with stronger ones. After some days I still had my knees a bit warm after completed set of exercises but soon it was completely OK. After some time I sometimes skipped a Freestyler Day and went for a walk up the hill instead, which was a bigger strain for knee joints. At the end of this program I finally went for a short run.

Walking downstairs is now no problem for my left knee. There is no pain after going on a hill, not even after cool down and not even the next day. I can go for an easy run. My knee joints are more mobile. These things regarding knees are very important to me and were the reason I started with a program. But there are also some other benefits. I lost 3 kg, my back doesn't hurt anymore while sitting for a long time, I gain muscles, I’m in better shape, I can walk in high heels. Freestyler helped me to get back the ability to do sports I love and was difficult to live without. It is a better quality of life and that I appreciate.
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