Zdenka Sefman

Specialist for neurological physical therapy
In my neurophysiotherapy center we added the Freestyler EASY PNF™ system to our rehabilitation protocols. So far results are nothing short of amazing, since the system is beneficial to a wide range of patients with different injuries, as well as physiotherapists.

The Freestyler makes the physiotherapist’s work much easier and provides step by step programs for different types of injuries. In our center we also combine the Freestyler with other equipment, which brings even more variety resulting in more satisfied clients! The Freestyler network enables us to recommend the Freestyler to our clients so they can have a professional workout after they have finalized the therapy process in our center. Our main goal is to provide quality service which the Freestyler has definitively contributed to. At the end of the day satisfied clients also boost our financial profits.
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